Heading toward a Sustainable Energy future

Meeting the challenges of a sustainable energy system

The world’s population is growing – the demand for energy is growing faster. This presents four core challenges for a sustainable energy system: security of supply, affordability, climate protection, and resource efficiency. It will take ingenuity to succeed.

Our Mission

To develop and distribute green technologies to our customers that effectively meet market demand and decrease the use of energy by the Human population on a per-person basis. Through excellent operations, and internal culture, we seek to most efficiently produce and distribute integrated technologies to improve the lives of our customers, provide for our employees, and achieve superior return to our shareholders in socially responsible manner.

Our Vision

To be a world class manufacturer and distributor of socially and environmentally beneficial products that would form an integral piece of energy grids the world over. To be on the forefront of renewable energy technology and to develop and run ideas that would ensure safe and renewable energy for all generations to come. To fulfill our world class vision of a place where every being is able to produce a clean energy output excess regardless of the amount of energy they consume through technology developed by our company.

About Us

Green energy is good for everyone, and we strive to bring solar and wind technologies to all!

Green energy is the way to go as the Earth requires a renewable energy source that does not deplete its natural resources. This is just good common sense and is the only meaningful legacy that we can leave for our children, instead of spending and squandering the resources that Earth has.

We are MJP International Ltd. We are a company based in the United States and firmly believe in renewable energy as the way to go forwards. This would be the defining generation that determines if life on Earth can proceed the way we know or if the outlook in the future would just be immensely bleak.

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