green solutions


MJP International Ltd has developed solar and wind power solutions that would help promote renewable energy as a feasible and vaunted approach towards power generation. Our technology and development methods ensure that the solutions we have in place are easily and cheaply reproducible, which in turn ensure that more places and companies can have renewable energy solutions.

Our team of engineers has developed many differing solutions for wind and solar power generation. The variety of solutions that we have ensure that every type of company or household would have something which suits their needs and power demands, which in turn ensures that renewable energy is adopted more readily across the world.

Branding Strategy

In terms of branding, MJP International Ltd will focus on promoting a cohesive image through all of its marketing campaigns, and relations with customers. The image MJP International Ltd will seek to promote will be a company that is the image of reliability, innovation, progress, revolution, and an elite vision for a bright future for humanity.

With respect to marketing, MJP International Ltd intends to promote a healthy and developed relationship with every customer, keeping a database of their information, and frequently mining this information for their tastes, and shopping history. HEAL intends to offer customers unique promotions, and rewards geared towards enhancing their relationship with each and every customer.

In marketing images, MJP International Ltd intends to appeal to the emotions of superiority and revolutionary vision, rather than the specific details of the functionality of the products. MJP International Ltd believes that the appeal of their cause and vision will be more successful in promotion than the specifics of how well the products they offer perform.

Branding Strategy

MJP International Ltd is currently focused on the following three target markets:

Do-It-Yourselfers: Males in the middle class that are in their mid-twenties to thirties in terms of age, who care about green energy or upgrading their homes. These private consumers tend to buy small solar panels and wind turbines for private use.

Distributers and Suppliers: Companies in the business of retailing, repairing, and installing solar panel and wind turbine systems. They work with governments, businesses, and individuals in geographic areas that need larger amounts and sizes of these products installed in an area.

Retailers: Local/regional retailers that specialize in selling green technology, usually alongside other types of hardware and energy products.