Sustainable, Efficient Solar Energy Solutions

MJP International Ltd is a leading independent provider of solar energy and solar thermal solutions, with deep experience in developing and maintaining solar energy projects for public schools and governments as well as private enterprise.

Solar stands about where wind power did a decade ago – in 2014, utility-scale PV and solar thermal plants together generated 18,321 GWh, equal to 0.45 percent of the national electricity total. But solar has been on a remarkable growth trajectory; generation exploded by 103 percent in 2014, from 9,036 GWh in 2013.

With the Investment tax credit set to drop from 30 percent to 10 percent at the end of 2016, huge new generating capacity will go online in the near future. With a huge range of different solar power solutions, MJP International hopes to help its customers quickly adopt and take advantage of renewable energy in the form of solar power.